Business Travel

I’ve been away for the past week traveling for work. It’s great to be able to go back to my former home and visit friends, family, and coworkers. I was able to be there for my father’s birthday, as well.

A much needed vacation is coming up. I’ll be staying home for this one, and my sister is coming to visit for 10 days. We’re looking forward to exploring the city more — museums, monuments, some city-walk tours. Of course we’ll be eating our way through, and cooking. Should be a great time, and we’ll be in Napa for three days, as well.

I’ll report back here on the Napa wineries.

Vinton Cerf – The past, present and future of the Internet

Last night I had the privilege to see Dr. Vinton Cerf* interviewed as part of the California Academy of Sciences “Conversations on Science” series. If you’re unaware of who Dr. Vinton Cerf is, let me put it succinctly: he’s widely known as a “Father of the Internet”. Without getting too technical, he and a couple of others, invented the language that made it possible for computers to talk to each other – known as TCP/IP. And while inventing it was important, he and his group also made released it for anyone to use. That was critical for wide adoption and becoming the de facto standard. He is why we are so technologically advanced today, and why the United States of America started and is succeeding in the Digital Revolution.

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San Francisco weather…

The weather in this city amuses me. It’s been a bit on the chilly side lately, and this morning it was 53 out, despite it being sunny. It was warmer on the wharf, however, when I went to get a few things at the farmers market.

On the way back home, a construction worker on the project next door commented loudly “I don’t know how you people stand the weather here!” I asked where he was from, his response was Louisiana. I smiled, mentioned I moved here from Texas, and that I love the weather here.

I hope I don’t start taking it for granted.