Apple’s WWDC 2015 Keynote

Today was Apple’s Keynote for WWDC 2015 – and it was chock full of information. I thought I’d throw up a post on my thoughts on a few things:

  • iOS 9 – The multitasking is incredible and I cannot wait to get it. And Picture-in-Picture! More battery life is awesome. Renaming Passport to Wallet is cracking me up – since Google just renamed Google Wallet to Google Pay. More stability enhancements, too.
  • Apple Music – Looks like a decent foray into a streaming service, and I plan to drop Pandora and get a subscription to this. I like that there’s a family plan. The Siri integration is exciting, I can’t wait to request the top 50 Alternative songs from 1993, and various other searches like that. And it’s coming to Android – wild!
  • watchOS 2 – Native apps! And new features like Nightstand Mode, more fitness capabilities, and third party complications. Seems like a grouping of features and capabilities that were (justifiably) delayed in order to get the watch launched on time in April. Looking forward to these coming.
  • Swift 2 – While I haven’t gotten my feet wet developing (yet), I can recognize that Swift going Open Source is huge. Awesome!
  • Apple Maps – More improvements, and a new view called Transit, which assists users with public transportation. I’m looking forward to that since I’ve moved into San Francisco and using Muni/BART for the majority of my traveling around.

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