SpaceX – Iridium-5

This morning was the launch of the Iridium-5 via SpaceX.  I’m always in awe of the video footage during the launch from the different perspectives on that actual rocket. It occurred to me this morning, though, that younger generations will never know what it was like before those HD cameras.

But even more impressive is the Falcon-9 rocket returning to earth and landing. Earlier this year (2018), SpaceX tested their Falcon Heavy concept – essentially three Falcon-9’s strapped together. This system is for launching heavier items, as well as supporting a manned mission. As part of the test payload, Elon Musk had his cherry red Tesla Roadster with ‘Starman’ driving it. There are so many layers of tribute and humor – but that’s how Elon rolls, and I love him for it.

Here’s the video montage SpaceX assembled of the Falcon Heavy launch. (Note – the song actually started playing the moment the cowling separated and unveiled the Roadster and Starman.)

And for a taste of how the tandem Falcon-9 landing was in person:


(Link to the post here in case Instagram is being difficult…)

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  1. Do you realize that my children y’all are the last generation that was not completely tech. Now that’ll make you stand up straight!



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