Raspberry Pi 4B Case

My recent foray into the latest Raspberry Pi project had me shopping for a case. Previous cases for my Raspberries have been 3D printed or plastic molded, which were okay. Pi’s run hot, and adding fans on these cases provided a good solution to the thermal issue.

Browsing cases lately I discovered the JUN-ELECTRON, and so I ordered it to try it out.

The case is metal, and it comes with a fans option or fanless. The fans run off the GPIO, and while running a vanilla Minecraft server instance kept the CPU at 40*C/104*F (ambient room temp at 20*C/68*F). The fans run 100% all of the time, but are silent. Thermal pads for the CPU/RAM/LAN chips are included.

It’s a very sturdy case, as well, and I quite like the look. This will be my go-to case from now on, especially at $10US. I just wish there were similar cases for the Pi Zero’s.

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