2021 EV Market Comparison – Updated

I’ve added two new entries: Volvo XC40 and Rivian R1S, because I have family that recently bought and ordered these. I’ve also recalculated the spreadsheet to use the curb weight in kg’s of the vehicles, rather than the battery pack weight. I did this for two reasons – the curb weight is easier to find, and because at the end of the day the total weight of the vehicle matters, not just the battery pack weight. Lastly, I’ve sorted the sheet on mi/kWh, best to worst.


  • I was surprised at where the Rivian ended up, given this video from Snazzy Labs. I think real-world data will be interesting.
  • In researching the specs on the Volvo XC40, reviews seem to be negative on it given the lackluster range and high price. Motor Trend ended their review with “make this little Vo’ a no-go”.

Update: Literally right after posting this, my cousin called from their first road trip in the Volvo XC40. The navigation/infotainment/dashboard has rebooted on them multiple times while driving. A quick online search shows me that this is an issue others have had.

Almost two years later…

It’s been a whirlwind of activities since the last post from October 2018. I’ll do a quick summary of the highlights:

  • A trip to Turkey for my sisters wedding.
  • A trip to Italy (Altomonte, Venice, Rome) for vacation.
  • Friends visiting us, us visiting friends.
  • A trip to Japan that was cancelled at the last minute due to COVID-19.

Currently we’re on month 3 (?) of Shelter In Place due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we’ve been doing a good amount of DIY around the house.  Landscaping, gardening, etc.

I’ve debated on continuing with this blog, but decided if posts only come every two years, that’s okay.

Network – Part 3

Given we received confirmation on the closing date for the house, I used that as an excuse and purchased the Ubiquiti network equipment. Partly to familiarize myself with getting it setup and running – configuring the gateway to work with Google or AT&T fiber connects directly will be a challenge.

Ideally, I’d want to not have the ISP’s equipment involved. To do that, the Ubiquiti USG will need to be provisioned with a custom profile – the details of which will be the difficult thing to nail down. I’ve had little luck on finding details for an AT&T connection, which will be the likely provider since Google Fiber isn’t available yet. (Why you do this to me, Google?!)

The fallback option is to have the ISP equipment serve as the “dumb” gateway, of which the wifi capability will be disabled, and only one of the routing ports used as a pass-through to the Ubiquiti USG. This is how I’ve currently set it up in the apartment, and it works. I just like the idea of eliminating that one extra hop.

The setup for the equipment went pretty smoothly. I opted for the Generation 2 Cloud Key – still in a limited access program. It’s a nice little device.

The Deep Packet Inspection feature in the Ubiquiti interface is slick.  Here’s a high-level breakdown, of which you can drill into for details:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.07.25 AM

The stats are over a period of Saturday through Wednesday. Yeah, you can be sure that I am against data caps on ISP plans. (Fortunately, the highest tier fiber plan with AT&T has no caps.)

Drilling into the above graph shows a more detailed breakdown:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.10.11 AM

I’ll post more in an upcoming post.