ADS-B Update

The weather cooperated enough for me to mount the 1090mhz antenna onto the side of the house and run the cable up through the soffit into the garage attic. I previously swapped the light fixture in the garage for a 6-plug outlet to run the work lights, so I was able to connect into that for the power.

I’ll be interested to see how this FlightFeeder Orange Box operates in the garage attic during the summer here in Texas. It’s passively cooled for now, but I might have to setup a temp-controlled fan for the hottest days. We’ll see.

Initial results are definitely better than when I was testing it with the antenna in the upstairs window. I’m picking up aircraft over 150NM away – in Dallas.

PiVPN + Wireguard

When Chris at Crosstalk Solutions posted a video on how to setup a VPN on a Raspberry Pi, I knew what my unused Pi was going to be used for.

This post isn’t going into the details, Chris’ video covers that, but I did have a chance to use the VPN while traveling over the Easter holiday. We were visiting relatives in South Carolina and I took the opportunity to connect via my MBP with the Wireguard client installed. As expected, I was on my home network and able to access everything I had previously setup access to. The connection was fast, as well.